Friday, March 18, 2011


if only i can play any music instrument..

what instrument dany?-  guitar? piano or keyboard? yes i love keyboard. i'd learned bout keyboard (when i was in f3,taking music) but it was too little i did know. its not that i don't want to, but the time, the people and always other "the" blocking on my way. i really want to have something that i can show, something that i can present to someone. oh yeah, someone could be you, someone could be family, friends. ( i think lina know who will be the someone).  hihi.

why?- music help (not much but a bit pun okay what..) in reduce your stress as well. this is the other way on how i can express my feeling. i think everyone feel the same too. if not so, then why there are many new band and people make a cover for many top rated songs right?talk about this cover song, i got one too. haha! yes this is lame. but who cares? i don't put it on my youtube. u may ask me if you want to watch it. but i'll think twice weather i want to let you watch it or not.well that was my top-secret okayy?? hihih :D

tutor? - this is the big question. who in this word willing to do this? i knew i was something like stone, but when it comes to something that i really want to have to, i'll be good. i promise :/

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