Wednesday, November 28, 2012

you can't catch me

I am way too fast to hide, you're way too slow to seek.

full moon

we're all waiting for something.
we can't really create moments, but we probably can enjoy the happiness.
i wonder if I am the only one sitting and waiting.
because everybody seems to be running. where are you guys going?
did you see my love one? 
how long have you been in love? from what I saw, you are just a man full of hatred.
you must break free.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

because you can't cry.

I'd rather not to play with the times any longer. Sometimes I think night is even brighter than a day.
your family is great, you’re happy as can be,
but it was a sob story when your girlfriend left you behind.
still you act like a dumb. you can't fool yourself.
and I'm sitting here, reading your story, smoking the plain weed.
and I lose my life every night it seems,
can you please laugh louder than last time?
when I know that feeling passes in a while,
don’t start to cut, I don’t want you to undermine my pain, 
yes it selfish, but that’s just the way,
don’t tell me you understand, you feel the same.