Thursday, September 29, 2011


so much things running in my head. I just couldn't take them off from this brain.But still wanna tell the world. I have a dream! EUROPE . yes . I want to be there so badly. Dreadfully want to be there. Love to be there.  I really want to be there :(

i don't know why. its not about the movie i watch, but its about heart. i wanna take my heart away. but i'm not a Juliet. i'm just a high tech-digital world Cinderella i guess. bla bla bla. there is one song playing in my player. i should keep it hide from friends. they will definitely laugh me. i know this is like, wasting my time. but who cares? i really wanted to be there. Do you think I can be there? surely you said NO right? :(

can you see the colorful buildings ? it's beautiful isn't it? see the cruise? how lovely to have a tea on the cruise, isn't it? 

Ya Allah, please?

would like to put this song but i have some problem with the internet here -___-"

We question what we are
This I spent the best so far
And I miss you
When we're apart

I... I barely even know you

You rarely do this too

I don't usually talk to strangers
Until I met you


And this feeling shall last

This feeling shall last
We are proud to know to not to know
That we are strong enough to let it go
And this feeling shall last
This feeling shall last
I could be a thousand years apart
And you always have my heart

Well this has been nice

We'll meet again sometime

But I can't promise you
'Coz I'm flying away

When I'm (on) top of some building


With the lovely view
I'll think of you


We're going that backpack intrigue

We're traveling around Europe

And 7 different languages
And learn how to say Hello
Oh will you do stop by the Eiffel Tower
We'll drive around Rome
Before we head on home

It's a small world darling

And we are still young

We might be so far away
We might just meet again someday

Monday, September 19, 2011


Mungkinkah khayalan akal mainan minda?Atau lamaran puitis dengan hasrat yang indah?Kau selalu di hati tidakku dekati.