Saturday, December 29, 2012

To be sad : we don't have time for that

who says? we all have heart. we able to protect this heart, and others able to break it.
I'm not talking about love, but this is about feelings. this long journey of life must be pretty exciting when you feel every feelings you can feel. You can't always feel happy. you should feel good. Don't be sad, feel scared. ahhah. confusing enough?

Let us not talk straight to the point. why? cause i love playing with this keyboards. it is sometimes refreshing. I have to work my brain fast to find the right key. seriously, this entry has nothing important. When you take a deep breath, are you sure you're breathing the right things? not really huh? There's some negativity comes in. and you throw some positive things out. you don't realized it. why? cause you don't care. how do I know?

lemme tell you this. I am bored, and you're reading this entry.
you waste your time here, sweetie. sorry

oh yeayh, this boots, in my eyes are sooo cool. I like it. someday, will I own this? but, where to go eh?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

you can't catch me

I am way too fast to hide, you're way too slow to seek.

full moon

we're all waiting for something.
we can't really create moments, but we probably can enjoy the happiness.
i wonder if I am the only one sitting and waiting.
because everybody seems to be running. where are you guys going?
did you see my love one? 
how long have you been in love? from what I saw, you are just a man full of hatred.
you must break free.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

because you can't cry.

I'd rather not to play with the times any longer. Sometimes I think night is even brighter than a day.
your family is great, you’re happy as can be,
but it was a sob story when your girlfriend left you behind.
still you act like a dumb. you can't fool yourself.
and I'm sitting here, reading your story, smoking the plain weed.
and I lose my life every night it seems,
can you please laugh louder than last time?
when I know that feeling passes in a while,
don’t start to cut, I don’t want you to undermine my pain, 
yes it selfish, but that’s just the way,
don’t tell me you understand, you feel the same.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New air, New semester

No I'm not going to post much photos here. But at this time, I am free to write something so meaningful. I'm glad to have all this nice people around me. Lord Allah, please let them stay this way around me, as long as I hold this breath. They are so nice and sincere.

I am really this kind of person. I don't care bout others, till they show me the best part they had. But I might fuck up sometimes, my bad my sorry. I am selfish, I am deuces. I don't know what they think of me.

Really need to change this life. I got to be more persistent. Don't knock me down. I'm fragile inside. So please. Why? Just don't.

Best part of me, I act perfect to be unemotional. I really do.
I don't like fighting. Unless you bring the game on, I'm in.
I don't easily trust people around me. I learn them. Decide later.

Meet new students in English class, statistic class. But so far they cool. I don't know.
My new roommates, classmates, everyone are dope.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

h o l i d a y i n M a l a y s i a

In the morning

Dr Beat

Roller coaster weee huuuu

From Paris with love

Namaste, Ibu :)

Mosque. We thought its already Zuhr on 12 . 
*Heard azan from here

My sister Etty, 24

Feeding the Camel

Come on and rescue me !

Mr John ?

Someday I'll bring my kids here, insyaAllah.