Thursday, March 24, 2011

bukan berubah

mane ade lain. masih sama.  masih "bergema". cuma, mungkin hormon wanita berubah. hahaha. okay look.. lately, macam dah tak banyak sangat campur orang. why? maybe sebab suasana? atau mungkin sebab orang-orang itu sendiri? i don't know. but one thing for sure is, i can't start any conversation even with a clishe things. huhh. yes this is true because its true people! maybe i was busy in my own world, idk. maybe i was missing something or someone, idk. i keep thinking over things i should not to. why why why? berperang dengan perasaan sendiri, sedangkan sikit hari lagi kene berperang betul-betul dengan exam paper? what the ..? 

maybe i  still in the mood of playing with friend. hey you know what, i really enjoy my last weekend with rafiqah rahman, siti adila, arina basyira and fatimah! they are damn awesomee ;) 
yes, it was the upset-tiest things in the world when i was informed that my class gathering was canceled. but when we arrived Malacca, things turn upside down :) and and and, not to mentioned that, i meet syakila zaharluddin too! well, its not only holiday, its a mission behind holiday!
(*well, shark know whats going on )

still, i don't know where my mood of study and exam fly to. i know this don't seem to be good since the exam is just around the corner. too near too me. 

yes i can see the T-junction from here =,="

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  1. haha...best2 sgt best tyme nh..walaupon gram ngan dak2 laen yg cncel last minit tp kite tetap survive kt MELAKA!