Friday, October 14, 2011

Seriously. These are my reactions

I just need to get this off my chest. I like this boy. I guess. I’m not quite sure but I think I like him. There’s this friend of mine, he teased us both a lot. saying him and I were both couple when we’re not. Hee. I don’t mind getting teased by my friend cause it is not true. I’m not dating him anyway so yes, I ignore it. But I get shy when people teased me for something that you know, kinda oh well you know how the story goes right? :P Hee. But then, I realized maybe I like him, the one who got teased with me. I don’t know why, just maybe there is something between us or so thats what I think. hmm :/ He’s cute, charming, crazy, loveable not to mention he is so hot. I get shy when I see him but try to act normal as possible ==” When he smile, ohmyyy. My world just spin around like merry go round :) His smile is like a cure :) you don’t need an apple a day to cure when you have him :P hehe.
 I think he knows I like him. hmm. I don’t know maybe cause I make it obvious X.X damnit danny you did it again x.x Can’t help it, he is too charming. hee. I love love love teasing him. I just wished that by teasing, making jokes is to make he smile, laugh if possible, he would like me, fall for me,like me. I  just love to make people happy and smile, laugh cause life are too short to be miserable. hee. How I wish he knows I try hard to make him smile :) But then I don’t think he like me just because hmm I can be very annoying sometimes. I don’t know. I feel like I lose the game even before I’m in the game. you get what I mean? :/ I’ve been out of this game called love for too long and maybe Im rusty but I still got that charm, I think. hmm. Maybe Im dreaming, maybe Im too hopeful. Maybe Im the only one who play the game the whole entire time. But I swear he like me too… but maybe again, Im dreaming. hmm. It is just sad you know, you can’t have someone that you like so badly. Sometimes when you feel like you found the one, you’ll end up dissapointed.  I don’t want to feel that again, and again. I hate being used, I hate it when that someone you love take you for granted. Thats why I tell myself very often when Im about to fall for someone , 
” hey, you don’t like him, you just attracted to him, probably he has someone that he like, someone special, he’s never going to notice you, stop liking someone for no reason . ” 
that is some of the things I tell myself very often nowadays. It is just hard you know, after being dissapointed by someone that you care so much, suddenly you don’t know what love is anymore. Okay, what the hell did I just said ==”
p/s : the heart got to speak what it feels somehow. sorry if  I bored you :)

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