Monday, July 11, 2011


sorry that i can't meet you people. i mean, we can but i sometimes don't have some time. especially for the dumbos. i miss laughing and running and playing with the girls. oh yeah what about arguing facts with the gaga boys? how i miss to listen to the physic lecture. urghh really? for this holiday, wish that i could have a fine holiday with my gilfriends, but i was tied by the boutique task.

oh yup. what is that, bersih bersih? i watched some of the  videos in facebook. what happen to Malaysia nowadays? that seems unfunny people. maybe History subject should be added to every course in Malaysia i guess. then people will appreciate for what people before us had done for our country. u going to guess what happen when Education Department of Malaysia add History in every of IPTA/IPTS course? well don't guess.

i'm currently working in a mall somewhere in jb. this place u can call it as Angsana. You might never heard this mall right? This mall isn't famous anyway. But because it was located near my house, I'm going to make it fame-mouse. haha :D

till then, im working actually. haha. past by to say,
i miss you blog.
someday i'll be back.
back to be a bloggie ;)


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